How We Make Extra Cash!

First and foremost, there are so many ways to make cash now a days thanks to the internet! One of the EASIEST ways we make that extra cash is going through Rakuten! It’s a website where you can go to shop your favorite stores and once you purchase through the site, you get a % back! (We made $180 this month so far!)

Click the button below and sign up through our link! (We don’t make commissions until you spend $30) But that leads me to the next extra cash topic.

Once YOU have Rakuten and it’s all set up, grab your own personal link and share, share, share! This link gives you the opportunity to make money just by referring others. Here’s how it works…

Plus, on top of that, just like it says when you spend $30, we both get $30! (As long as you used our link to sign up!) You’re going to shop online anyways…so why not get paid to! So yes, there are multiple ways to make that extra cha ching with Rakuten!

1. You can make money by shopping online through Rakuten.

2. You can make money by referring others to get Rakuten and shop.

So, what do you think? Is this something you are going to go for? It’s simple, easy, and a few clicks away! šŸ™‚

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