How to make money as a SAHM!

First and foremost, there are so many ways to make cash now a days thanks to the internet!

First on our list is selling your new or used items on Poshmark.


Poshmark is a buying and selling platform where you can sell items from Louis Vuitton to your basic household items. You can access platform on a computer or on the Poshmark app. Here is what it looks like from my app.

This site is where I make a good bit of my income. Depending on the month we normally make (after fees) around $150-$650. Yes I know that’s a big gap but its all about how much time you put into sharing your listing and posting new items.

So are you ready to join and start making money from the comfort of your home?

You can join me on Poshmark by clicking the button below. You’ll save up to 70% off of top brands! For a limited time, use my code BOOKERZCLOSET to save $10 on your first purchase!

Be sure to give us a follow @ Bookerzcloset on the Poshmark app.

Next on our list is selling Digital Products and EBooks.

( I sell a Workout Ebook I created using Canva)

Canva allows you to make basically any type of photo, video, or poster. I created my 50 page Ebook completely free. I also sell it right from my profile link on Instagram making it easy and convenient. No upfront money, just skills and talents put on a digital product.

Next on our list is Rakuten cashback/referrals.

One of the EASIEST ways we make that extra cash is going through Rakuten! It’s a website where you can go to shop your favorite stores and once you purchase through the site, you get a % back! (We made $180 this month so far!)

Click the button below and sign up through our link! (We don’t make commissions until you spend $30) But that leads me to the next extra cash topic.

Plus, on top of that, just like it says when you spend $30, we both get $30! (As long as you used our link to sign up!) You’re going to shop online anyways…so why not get paid to! So yes, there are multiple ways to make that extra cha ching with Rakuten!

1. You can make money by shopping online through Rakuten.

2. You can make money by referring others to get Rakuten and shop.

Next: User Interviews: Paid Online Unmoderated Tasks

This one is awesome. Literally sign up for free and get paid to share your opinion. Its really that easy! Plus if you refer anyone and they complete a task, you both get up to $30!

Next is The Facebook Marketplace.

Just like Poshmark, the marketplace on Facebook is a great side hustle to bring in money. There is so many different items for sale on the marketplace. We just recently started selling on there and so far we have made around $115 without even really trying. All you do is upload your items for sale (be sure to fill out the entire listing including the tags) and then wait! Check out our storefront here.

On to a great option which is Fiverr.


Fiverr is a huge deal when it comes to making money. You can literally take your skills and turn them into cash.

We personally use Fiverr to get Collabs with Brands, Photoshoots, and Choreograph Dances for anyone needing routines. Our income for this site ranges from $25-$2000. Again with this…you have to be persistent and promote yourself.

Along with all that, they do have a referral program. Here is how it works.

We have used Fiverr to purchase graphics for our logos and business cards. So along with selling on Fiverr we also purchase from the site.

Sixth on our list is Etsy!


Etsy is a platform where you can sell handmade items, tshirts and even digital products! We sell handmade bling items, tshirts, and digital mockups. Our store has made anywhere from $1-$1000 in a month!

Etsy also has a referral program where you can get free listings when you get open a shop and get someone else to as well. (Listings cost .20 normally)

Etsy shop

Last on the list is Social Media!

From collaborations with companies to using sounds there is a list of ways to make money from social media. We make money using our Instagram and YouTube from collabs with companies we believe in for commissions. For example, we just did a collab with Hello Bello baby items!

Now with tiktok we do collaborations with companies and we use the site BigTinySounds. This site gives you money from tiktoks you make with certain sounds. HOWEVER, your pay is determined by the amount of views you get. See photo below for details.

The income for these can range anywhere from $5-$3000 a month. Its all about effort here.

There are certainly many of ways to make money as a stay at home parent. Please comment below any additional questions you have or side hustle you know of! Thank you for reading!

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Paypal offers a $10 reward when you get people to sign up and spend $5. (Max of $100 per calendar year) With that being said $100 is better than $0.

Plus, We also do online fitness coaching!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission from the vendor at no extra cost to you. These business relationships allow us to keep bringing you great content. All opinions remain our own.

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