The Best Travel Meal Prep Bag 2022

Are you a fitness fanatic, travel junkie, or even a busy workaholic? 6 Pack Bags are here to help you succeed while enjoying life and reaching goals! From Backpacks with Coolers inside to full on Meal Coolers, 6 Pack Bags have it all. Pictured above is the Innovator 300 Meal Management Tote.


-Independently accessible container system to organize your meals, supplements, proteins, fruits, and utensils.

-Adjustable patented internal shelving fits 4 Sure Seal Meal Prep containers.

-Two side pockets for water bottles, utensils, fruit, shaker bottles and protein holders.

-Fully insulated interior keeps meals fresh and cold for 8+ hours.

You can use discount code: Regina10 at checkout.

“As a busy Momma, I tend to use the Expedition 300 Meal Prep Bookbag pictured below. Its big enough to put all my sons diapers, snacks, and bottles in along with my stuff. So when we want a beach day, a workout or even shopping, i just pack it up and throw it over my shoulder.”

Another great but small bag is the Innovator Cube! It’s lightweight, small, and durable enough for any Adventure. Grab a meal, drink, and go. Its also great for short trips to the beach! It comes in different colors like black, pink outlined, and more.

They also have durable containers inside each one with lids to keep your meals fresh. The cube holds 3 containers.

In my opinion theses bags are made for everyone. So what do you think? Click the link and check out what all they have.

Be sure to use discount code: Regina10 at checkout!

Some of the links are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission if purchased.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have tried these awesome bags before!

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